Our beginner course series takes you from ground up and gives you the common sense practical education. We won’t speak over your head and will teach you why each part matters.

Each portion will have a small quiz to verify you understood it before moving on. We include a computerized storage device to contain your digital currency off-line and unhackable. Then we teach you how to use it and trust it.

Best of all, our course comes with a free hardware wallet that is a $100 value. This allows you to store your digital assets safely out of the hands of hackers and we teach you how to use it. This is a must-have other competing training course neglect to teach their clients.

We’ve got your back.


Need a crash course in “Blockchaineeze” before your next big meeting?  You may be asked about your strategy for blockchain and you don’t know where to start. We’ll get caught up enough to hold your own.

The concepts and terms used are radical in this new paradigm shift and you won’t be able to fake it. If you start deep study now, count on months before you find your legs. We can help boil this down for you. However, there are no shortcuts.

We can help you understand where to start and who to contact to start this process.

We’ve got your back.



Need to get your team up to speed? We can bring a team of experts to you.

Full day and multi-day courses for companies and groups of 20 or more.  We’ll help you identify the working group of skill sets you will need to assemble quickly to stay agile.  

“This class is amazing! Mark has done his homework. I have been following bitcoin since 2010. I have never seen anyone cover the history of bitcoin in both breadth and depth better!


Mark Rees is an excellent instructor. He took the complicated subject of blockchain technology and presented it in an engaging and easy to understand way. His class on Blockchain Technology was extremely informative.

By taking his class I have effectively cut a path through this intense and confusing topic… saving me hours of time and complications trying to go it alone.