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Innovations in the blockchain and its use of digital assets are exploding. Are you ready?

The blockchain-driven “Trust Machine” is poised to transform the world economy.  This represents a paradigm that marks the end of the information age and the beginning the “Age of Trust”.  Come follow your Blockchain Lead into the new paradigm.

“Blockchain will do to a lot of industries what the internet did to publishing”

– Patrick Byrne, CEO

“You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990s,”

– Blythe Masters, Former Head of Global Commodities for JP Morgan, and current CEO of Digital Assets. Digital Assets


Let Blockchain Lead guide you through the complex, rapidly-changing landscape of blockchains and new valuable digital assets

  • Learn how blockchains function and why it is about to change…. everything.  
  • Blockchain technologies  will provide innovators oportunities to change the world. Or make your industry obsolete.  
  • Boost your career as these technologies change every industry in the coming years
  • Cut through the haze of confusion and scams when looking to invest in digital assets

Welcome to the Trust Machine

“Classes gave the most extensive overview of the new digital currency and blockchain industry I have seen to date.”

– Doug Clark

“This class is amazing! Mark has done his homework. I have been following bitcoin since 2010. I have never seen anyone cover the history of bitcoin in both breath and depth better than Mark.

Matt Misbach